Rarest pacifist mobs in Minecraft

Two new mob types were added to Minecraft 1.18, bringing the total number of mobs to 73. Each mob has a different behavior such as neutral, passive, or hostile. While most passive mobs can be found easily and are easily seen around the globe, there are some that are more rare.

Passive mobs are mainly composed of natural animals such as pigs and sheep. These peaceful mobs won't attack players. They won't attack players even if they hurt them. They'll run away, instead.

These mobs can be found in green biomes such as forests, jungles and plains. Some passive mobs, however, are difficult to find.

In Minecraft 1.18 version, you can arrest passive mobs


Parrots can be amusing passive mobs and are only found in Jungle biomes of Minecraft 1.18 version. You can attract them with any seed and they can be tamed. Once they have been tamed they can be seated on the shoulder of a player. They can mimic the sounds of creepers and zombies, as well as mimic their own.

4) Ocelots

This rare passive mob is only available in Minecraft 1.18 version jungle biomes. Ocelots, although they are larger than cats, are part of the cat family. Ocelots cannot be trained but can be trained by players to eat raw salmon or cod.

3) Pink Sheep

Pink sheep are the same as normal sheep but are pink in color. This rare mob has a very low chance of spawning in any world. Players keep the rare mob they find with them whenever possible.

2) Skeleton Horse

They are very rare because they have a low chance of spawning from lightning strikes. They can only be spawned in the skeleton trap, with skeleton horsesmen riding them. Players can defeat the skeleton horsesmen to tame the rare passive mob. These mobs have half the health of a normal human, but they can walk on underwater blocks.

1) Brown Mooshrooms

It can be difficult to find Mooshroom cows on Minecraft 1.18 because of their rarity. However, a brown mooshroom cow may not be easy to find. While red mooshroom cattle spawn on Mushroom island, brown mooshrooms only can spawn when a lightning strike hits a red mooshroom Cow. These passive mobs are among the most rare in the game.