Minecraft enchantments that dont work together

Minecraft is well-known for its enchanting abilities. They are especially useful in giving tools, swords, armor and other valuable attributes an extra boost.

While enchantments can be very useful, and even critical, in certain multiplayer game modes like Minecraft PvP servers or Minecraft PvP servers, there are some that are incompatible.

This article will discuss in detail what incompatible enchantments Minecraft are. It will also explain which enchantments are not compatible with each other.

What makes enchantments incompatible with Minecraft?

While most enchantments stack well with one another, there are some issues with certain types of enchantments due to their nature. Incompatibility is usually caused by the fact that it would break the game's mechanics or be too powerful.

This is evident in the use of the pickaxe. Fortune and silk touch cannot be placed on one pickaxe. Players would be able, for instance, to transform one diamond ore into many. This could be repeated over and over, allowing them to collect new diamond ores each time and effectively turning one ore into an inexhaustible amount.

Anvils cannot be used to combine incompatible enchantments (Image via Minecraft Wiki).

Anvils cannot be used to combine incompatible enchantments (Image via Minecraft Wiki).

Which enchantments in Minecraft are incompatible?

If an item contains enchantments from more than one group, it will be incompatible.

Tools – Fortune, Silk TouchArmor, Protection, Fire Protection and Projectile ProtectionSwords – Sharpness, Smite and Bane of ArthropodsBoots- Frost Walkers, Depth StriderBow- Infinity. PiercingTrident- Loyalty, Riptide OR Channeling. RiptideBooks- Looting, Silk Touch OR Silk Touch, Luck of the Sea

These enchantments can be used in Minecraft vanilla but not on modified Minecraft servers.