How do bees work in Minecraft ?

Minecraft's world is home to many magical and natural creatures that bring life to the game. If used correctly, bees can be very valuable.

In the Buzzy Bees update of 2019, Bees were small, neutral mobs that were added to the game. They didn't get as much popularity as other Minecraft mobs after their addition. Players can still interact with them to help farmers by pollination.

The process of pollination involves bees flying around flowers to collect pollen and dropping it to nearby plants for fertilization. This can be repeated several times per day, but it is only possible during daylight hours.

It is easy to pollinate bees in Minecraft. The beehive where the bees live must be at least two blocks away from any flower. This is to attract bees and allow them to come out of their beehive.

The bees spend about 30 seconds after they leave the beehive circling or flowering the flowers. When they are getting nectar from flowers, the bees make happy buzzing sounds. The bees collect pollen from flowers during this process. This is indicated by the white dots at their backs.

The bees have now ingested the pollen particles, and can fertilize any plant. These pollen particles act as a bone food and eventually grow the plants faster. The players will need to plant several vegetables within three blocks of the pollen-carrying honey bee.

As the pollen particles drop, the bee will fly over the plants and make them grow faster. After a while, all of the pollen has fallen, the backs will no longer have a white pattern and the bees will return to the flowers.

This is repeated several times per day to help players grow their farms quickly. Players can help bees produce lots of vegetables if they interact well with them and provide them with a safe space.