Best Minecraft Survival Serves

What comes to your mind when you think of Minecraft? Survival is the obvious answer! Minecraft is undoubtedly one of our favorite games. Minecraft Survival Servers are sought by players to enhance the game's enjoyment.

Which Minecraft Survival Servers are the most popular? The one who spins your entire Minecraft World. Minecraft is an endless game, with infinite possibilities. There are many player-created servers including Minecraft survival servers.

We know that it can be difficult to find the right Survival server. There are so many servers with different gameplay. Don't worry, readers!

We are here to help. These servers are worth checking out. These servers will make your gaming experience more difficult. Let's get started.

Best Minecraft Survival Servers

Are you ready? Below is a list of the best Survival Minecraft Servers to enhance your gaming experience.

It was not easy to locate these servers. We eventually succeeded. These servers are available for you to play on and enjoy your Minecraft Survival experience.

1. Mineplex

IP Address:

Let's begin with the most well-known and popular survival server. Mineplex is without doubt a survival server.

There are many games on this server for players to enjoy. You can play against other players, or Minekart, Mineplex’s reconstructed Mario Kart gameplay.

Mineplex hosts thousands of players at once, and has multiple arenas and zones that cater to many game types.

There are four types of minigames: Classic, Arcade Survival, Survival, Champions, and it is easy to get lost in the choice. This server is sure to be a hit.

2. SurviveWithUs

IP Address:

Survive with Us is an excellent survival server you should definitely check out. This survival server is brand new and features a variety of custom plugins. There's also a map that gamers can explore.

Each player has access the randomtp. This allows you to find the perfect starting point for your adventure. The server is still updated every week, despite being founded in 2018.

3. Purple Prison

IP Address:

All of you must know this server. Purple Prison is a server that houses prisoners, but it also offers one of the most enjoyable survival games experiences.

After earning enough money, players will be able to live in an open environment with others.

You will face additional challenges after you have completed the primary prison gamemode. Purple Prison is known for being one of the best servers in the world, due to many factors.

4. Hypixel

IP Address:

Hypixel holds four Guinness World Records. It is widely considered the most active Minecraft server currently in use, with more than 100,000 players online at peak hours.

Hypixel offers multiplayer gaming that adapts and repurposes the gaming principles of Minecraft.

The server uses an anticheat called 'Watchdog' to detect players who cheat or hack in its sessions.

You can buy items and rank that give you special abilities like flying in lobbies. This sounds interesting, right?

5. MineVille

IP Address:

MineVille, originally InPVP, is a Bedrock Edition Minecraft featured server. This is yet another exceptional Minecraft Survival Server.

Although the InPvP Space Station serves as a roleplay server for players, it also offers minigames (a MineVille Branch).

MobCrush is a mobile streaming company that owns Mineville. MineVille has a few good minigames like Prison, Factions, Skyblock and Factions.

These are the top five Minecraft Survival Servers you can explore. We have listed the IP addresses for each server to make it easier. These Survival Servers will allow you to have a challenging experience.

But that's not all! Let us know if you know of any survival server or if you have played survival servers you loved!