Best fishing enchants in Minecraft

Fishing in Minecraft is an unusual activity. Some players view it as a waste of time, where they only wait and sometimes right-click. Others see it as a source of food and, occasionally, an item. Rarer, an enchanting novel.

There are ways to make fishing in Minecraft more fun. You can enchant a fishing rod. This will increase the bite rate, self repair, and chances of hooks.

Five best Minecraft fishing rod enchantments

Curse of Vanishing

The Curse of Vanishing makes any item in the player’s inventory with the curse disappear on death. Instead of falling to the ground, it causes them to be recollected the same way they would normally.

Although it is not a good effect, it can be fun for your friends to make their items magical by using this. It is still a curse, so this is the only upside.

Only five enchantments can be placed on fishing rods. This curse is therefore the fifth on the list.

4) Unbreaking

It can be used with any other tools or armor to increase the item's lifespan.

The enhancement can be applied to fishing rods to increase your chances of catching food, junk, and even treasure such as enchanted fishing poles or books.

3) Lure

The bite rate of a fishing rod is increased by lure. Lure reduces the time it takes for a fish bite to appear by reducing the wait time by five seconds per level. Console commands can be used to raise the level of the Lure Enchantment to five or more, but the wait timer will not start and the fish won't appear.

2) Luck of the Sea

The Luck of the Sea can increase your chances of finding treasure using a fishing rod. This is achieved by combining three smaller effects. This enhancement doubles the chances of finding treasure by 2% per level. The chance of catching junk is also decreased by about two percent per level. It also decreases your chances of catching fish by about 0.1% per level.

With Luck of the Sea III players have a 6 percent greater chance of finding treasure and a 6 percent lower chance of getting junk. Players also have a 0.45% chance of catching fish.

1) Mending

Mending is the best enchantment to use for fishing rods in Minecraft. When the player earns experience points, Mending can affect the durability of tools. Mending can repair tools and other items that have been damaged. Fishing is an activity that gives XP for successfully reeling in fish. This means that a fishing rod with Mending will not break as the enchantment will fix the durability damage it suffers every time a fish gets hooked.

Mending is the best fishing rod enchantment because it transforms a single rod into an endless food gathering machine that can be used as many times as the player likes. The finishing rod can be used to obtain an unlimited number of other items from the game's treasure and fishing junk tables.