Best enchants for Minecraft Dungeons

Similar to Minecraft, enchantments are a crucial part of Minecraft Dungeons. There are many enchantments that can be applied to different pieces of armor or weapons. Each enchantment is better than the others, but players can use them all.

Although they all have their own unique qualities, many are universally beneficial. Many enchantments can be used on a variety of armor and weapons. These are the top enchantments that can be used on all types of items.

5) Frenzied

This enchantment is most effective when used in close quarters. The enchantment's level will determine whether it boosts melee or ranged attack speed by 10, 20, or 30 percent. It will activate even if the player is at half health. This makes it a great contingency plan to help players stay alive longer.

Players will be able escape from dangerous situations and start to attack faster when they reach low health.

4) Thundering

Thundering is a fun enchantment. There is a 30% chance that lightning strikes will occur when you use this enchantment. This will cause significant damage to enemies in the area.

With the sheer number of mobs, many levels of Minecraft Dungeons can prove overwhelming. In these situations, the enchantment can be very helpful.


Thorns, a commonly overlooked enchantment in Minecraft is not available in Minecraft Dungeons. It functions in the same manner, but it has a greater effect. Dungeons deal more damage to enemies than other types of damage.

You can get rid of 100 percent, 200%, or even 300% depending on which enchantment you have. Defense is the best offense with Thorns.

2) Chains

This enchantment provides options for players in times of war. To give players the chance to regroup, chains will temporarily bind the area's mobs.

They have the choice to either attack the mobs or heal their allies. Or they can simply flee and continue on.

1) Final Shout

This enchantment has been widely regarded as one of the most powerful in the game. Minecraft Dungeons players who have this enchantment can use it to their advantage.

All equipped artifacts that are equipped with this enchantment will be activated if a player's health falls below 25 percent. This can make a huge difference and could be game-changing. These enchantments can be very useful and should be used whenever they are available.